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Istikhara Dua:

A.O.A, first of all we have to know about the istikhara. What is the meaning of istikhara? its mean the message from Allah or goodness signs from Allah before the starting of any work or plan regarding business, marriage, divorce, love as well as any purpose of life. it is mandatory for every Muslim. The best meaning of istikhara is suggestion from Allah Pak. istikhara dua is first key point for the starting istikhara.

istikhara dua in urdu


Istikhara dua for marriages:

if you are going to plan a wedding with some one. if any purposal you have got from parents as well as from any one. You must have to go for Istikhara dua for marriages by your self as well as from any recommended aalim or Molana sahab. Istikhara dua for marriages is necessary before the marriage. if any one love with and wants to marry with you also you have to go for istikhara. Recite the istikhara dua and pray for best from Allah Pak. Allah Pak will help in this meter.

Istikhara Dua in Hindi:

Istikhara dua in Arabic everywhere in online sraches but you can get the meaning of istikhara dua in many languages like istikhara dua in urdu, hindi and english. But we will upload istikhara dua images in arabic, urdu and hindi also in english. It is best amal for every purpose regrading your real determination. You can get the istikhara du a short version in Google search engine .

Istikhara Dua in PDF:

IYou can get the istikhara dua pdf version in the end of aticle. you can download istikhara dua pdf version in free of cost. Download pdf bookes in free in any metter of islamic guideness.

Istikhara Sign:

After doning istikhara yuo wil get some signs regarding your plan, determination, as well as any purpose for you have done istikhara.
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